Balloon flights


Balloon flights in Georgia are mainly carried out in the Alazani Valley. This is the center of ancient culture, the birthplace of Georgian winemaking. The valley extends more than a hundred kilometers along the southern slope of the Greater Caucasus Mountains. Below, under the basket of the balloon, vineyards and orchards are slowly float. There are a lot of forests, clear lakes, a silvery river runs in the middle, medieval fortresses and monasteries towers.

You can travel at 50 m above the ground and hold conversations with the people standing below, or fly over the mountain tops at an altitude of 2,000 m. Flying in a hot air balloon brings you into communion with the Great Mystery!

Is it safe?


Ballooning is as safe as flying an airplane. Technically, the balloon is very simple, there’s nothing to break.


When will the flights take place?

Usually the departure starts early in the morning, around 6.00, because at this time, as a rule, the most calm and stable air situation. It provides maximum flight comfort and a soft landing. There are flights in the evening hours, but these flights are shorter in time than morning flights.


Where will the flight be?

The balloon moves only in the wind. Therefore, before the flight, it is necessary to study the direction of the wind at different altitudes, and depending on this, the decision is made where to take off. The take-off area must be chosen so that from there the wind delivers the ball to the pre-selected landing zone. In flight, the pilot changes altitude: rises and falls, and thus adjusts the direction of movement of the balloon.


Landing place?

Landing requires a level platform, free from trees and shrubs. In the areas of our flights such sites are enough.


How many people can be in the basket at the same time?

The balloons are designed for 1 pilot + 12 passengers or 1 pilot + 2-3 passengers (depending on their weight)


Duration of the flight?

Regular flight lasts about 1-1.20 hours. But the whole tour takes 3-4 hours.

Duration: 3-4 hours


Cost includes:

1. Transportation service;

2. Ceremony of initiation into aeronauts with a glass of champagne, certificates.



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